"Not everything is how it appears on the surface, Elloren," she says stiffy."You'll have to learn that is you're going to be part of the wider world."

In The Black Witch by Laurie Forest, as Elloren is taken from her home where her uncle keeps her closed off and safe from anything out of the ordinary, she begins to see the more cruel, unfiltered side of the world. She is unsettled by it, but her Aunt Vyvian tells her the quote that is above. She is telling her that if she is going to be introduced and become part of the bigger world outside of her uncle's cottage, she needs to accept that not everything is perfect. There are criminals, people make mistakes, and people make bad decisions and do bad things when you least expect them to. Elloren needs to be prepared. This quote is really important because it is the first time that Elloren gets a real taste of the world and this is when she realizes what she is getting into and needs to be prepared for now that she has left her uncle and is heading to the university.